Stretch Money & Nick Speed “25 Miles Per Hour” (Album)

Great Rap Music.


One Be Lo “LABORHOOD Part III” Mixtape

  1. Laborhood Intro
  2. Everlasting
  3. All Out
  4. Hardly Rock
  5. Bring It Back
  6. Off The Wall
  7. The Chosen Show
  8. Life Lines
  9. Go Outside and Smoke (interlude)
  10. Last Laugh
  11. Full Army
  12. Home Is
  13. Skool Daze
  14. Exile
  15. Celebrate

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Clear Soul Forces “Detroit Revolution(s)”

Good rap music from Detroit

Peace Of Mind "The 5 Day Theory" by MichiganHipHop

DJ House Shoes & Present: Peace Of Mind “The 5 Day Theory”

A message from DJ House Shoes about this project: “So. 5 days ago,@Peaceofmind313 was on here [Twitter] askin for some shit to chop up.. I sent him 5 joints that have been sampled previously. And posted that the results would be posted in 5 days on @MichiganHipHop It would be called #The5DayTheory. Basically I just did it to put him on the spot. @Peaceofmind313 is a dope producer. Real dope.”
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